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Are you an independent artist who wants to get heard?!  Are you tired of hearing the same thing on the radio and not the real 90s classics?  Well, if your answer is yes – CMI Radio is the place for you.  Founded in 2020 by powerhouse couple, Poetic Justice (Lance D. Thompson Jr.) and Joy Storm (Dr. Cherise Joy Thompson), CMI Radio is an online radio station known for its compelling slogan – “The Home for Independent Artists”.  With over 25 Radio & DJ Personalities, we specialize in playing all those throwback classics, along with all the Hottest Hip-Hop, R & B, House, and Soul you can find!!   In addition to playing mainstream artists, we want to give all artists – particularly independent artists, a platform to not just be heard – but heard – worldwide.  We offer various programs to independent artists in all genres, but we place special focus on Hip-Hop, R&B, Indie, Spoken Word, and Soul artists.

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